iNetCourier is a simple, effective file transfer system for the internet.

iNetCourier takes the complication out of transferring files. Forget about FTP and specialized client software. iNetCourier allows client machines to log-on and transfer data via any current web browser.

This web-based file transfer system is simple to setup and easy to maintain. It is designed around the notion of a transfer site. This enables you to easily manage multiple web based transfer sites each having its own set of users, permissions, and notifications. Each transfer site can also be customized to reflect the individual account it represents (account names, graphics, website style and color, etc.)

You will never miss an important file when using iNetCourier. With its built-in notification system, iNetCourier sends an email to alert the site contact(s) when a file has been successfully uploaded. The sender of the file may also include a special note or set of instructions to accompany the automatic alert.

Visit for more info, or download the demo.

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